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Posted on August 11, 2011 at 9:25 AM


 I’d like to take this time to thank everyone for joining this website. This is the “First ever Official Home Site of Arkasia Band as a unit. This is also the FIRST website where Arkasia Fans can find their favorite band members and leave them messages and interact with them. To those who are not familiar as to how this website came about, I’d like to officially share this article with you, "The Making of Arkasia Band Official Home Site" It was a very tedious lengthy process but was well worth it!  :-) The whole team Rocks! Indeed a proof that "Faith never fails a wishing heart" Totally awesome! =)


Sometime October 2010 I was in contact with Abner Badion who apparently is a big Paul Sapiera fan, one day he sent me an inbox message on facebook and he wrote: “Ma’am Missy, I created a website for Sir Paul and Arkasia Band” I was very pleased with Abner's web designing skills I then contacted the band members informing them of Abner’s website creation for the band. After corresponding with the guys I contacted Abner and I requested this site to be named “HOME” and I told Abner, “ We’ll call the website HOME so the band will have their first HOME site as a Unit," [Abner Badion was kind enough not to get ticked off and say Hey! I created this website I’ll name it whatever I want ha-ha!] Instead Abner was very humble and responded “Okay Ma’am Missy” at that however I wasn’t sure if the band members themselves will “actually” give the green-light to make this page their official website. While in the mean time Abner Badion started promoting this page on social networks, he created subsidiary pages for Arkasia Band regarding promotion of this site [which was very nice of him, I appreciate all his effort, time and devotion to the Arkasia Band and for coordinating with me]. A few weeks later after I presented it again to the band members they too were very pleased. With a few minor detail modification request, [Okay! I’ve to admit it was more of a ridiculous request from my part ha-ha!] the guys, Allan, Norman and Rodel supported the idea and coordinated with Abner as well.  We then all mutually agreed that everything is at a excellent standard. So we decided “Okay! This is it! We’re going to make this website “The Official Home site for Arkasia!” I wasn't too confident yet at that time to tell Abner Badion about officializing his Website creation because I had a major concern during that time. Paul !!..... “Will Paul agree to make this the official home site?” “Will Paul join his home site?” so me and the guys pursued in hunting down Paul ha-ha! Who at that time barely had the chance to get on the internet due to engagement and hectic Christmas schedules but it was imperative that Paul Sapiera review this site before making it "The Official Home Site for Arkasia" so the fans waited! Paul’s work schedule during those holiday period was too tight, so wait continued on and the anticipation had grown bigger. Since it has been years since Paul Sapiera made an appearance for all his devoted fans, "The anticipation of having him appearing for his fans on this site as a recognition and acknowledgement for all his supporters was the most exciting and fulfilling part of the project for me working with Abner and the band members and was very important for me."  December 2010, the big day came! Paul gave all his fans the most anticipated day! He surprised all his fans when he joined this webpage. It was indeed a beautiful Christmas present from Paul to all his fans. At first Abner Badion and the fans were skeptical, I remember a message thru my facebook from Abner asking "Ma'am Missy is it really Sir Paul's account on Arkasia Home Site?" My response was "Just wait to hear it from Paul himself okay?" Most of Paul's fans posted on Arkasia Fan Page asking the same thing. “Is it really Paul Sapiera? Talks went all around the social networks. After Paul's official confirmation, It was only then that this website were made to be “The First Official Home Site of Arkasia Band” At the same time frame the Arkasia Fan Site on was also made "Official". (Abner Badion created the Rockstar/Arkasia Fan site years ago and kept it in tact with all the Arkasia fans continous support. December 2010 it was made official by the band members themselves, indeed it was very rewarding for all the supporters and fans of Paul Sapiera, Norman Quimson, Allan Sanmillan and Rodel C. Agsalud.  To all the Arkasia Band fans and supporters, We are truly grateful for all your devotion. “To Paul and the guys, thank you for the display of professionalism and team work for coming through as a unit in making this website your first official home site. With my utmost respect thank you!

I’d like to give special credit to Abner Badion, the creator and moderator of this website, for all his time, effort, patience and tolerance on working with me and the band members in ensuring this page' professional appearance and lay out and for his continous devotion in promoting the Band and its members music career. To Randy Betco and all the fans for the contribution thru tributes, photos, for contributing their time and devotion in posting on this page, posting videos, songs on social networks,, promoting Paul and Arkasia band. To all the members and visitors thank you all for your time and support.


- Missy S.P.

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